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  • Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine<br><span>That You Can Trust</span>

    Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
    That You Can Trust

    Dr. Wang has been working for over 20-years as an Acupuncturist / TCM doctor. Book an Appointment

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  • We <span>Care</span> for <span>You</span>

    We Care for You

    TCM doesn’t treat symptoms in isolation, but treats the person as a whole. Each of our treatment plans is tailored to the patient based on syndrome differentiation and holistic concepts. Book an Appointment

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  • <span>Integrating patient care</span> with the best from both East and West. 

    Integrating patient care with the best from both East and West. 

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  • Qualified Staff With <span>Expertise in Services We Offer</span>

    Qualified Staff With Expertise in Services We Offer

    All the staffs have a professional license and many years of experience.Book an Appointment

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Meet our Specialist

Dr. Wang is blending both western and eastern medical modalities in a way that optimizes your physical health and well being.

Dr. Ping Wang – OMD, PhD, LAc

* Clinical specialist & Acupuncturist of UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
* Research Scientist of Department of Medicine and Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology & Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA
* Professor of South Baylo University - School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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Balance Healthcare - Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Chinese medicine which is based on Jing-Qi, Yin-Yang, five-element theories and uses these to describe the balance and imbalance of the body. Based on the constitution theory of TCM, the human population can be classified into a balanced constitution and unbalanced constitutions (Yang-deficient, Yin-deficient, Qi-deficient, blood-deficient, Phlegm-wetness, Cold-wetness, Wetness-heat, Stagnant blood, Depressed, Inherited special constitutions and so on). We'll try our best to help you get a balanced constitution, healthy lifestyle and longevity.

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Body Conditioning

Antioxidant - eliminate wastes from your body and help you to get a balanced constitution.
Allergy Conditioning - improve your immune system, to achieve a whole improvement of your body.
Pre-pregnancy conditioning - let your body becomes a magnificent palace of your baby rather than an impoverished slum.

Pain Management

A variety of pain disorders, including HAs, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip/butock pain, sciatica, knee pain, extremity pain, etc., Dr. Wang uses the unique combination of acupuncture and stimulation of trigger points, and achieved very good results.

Fertility Treatment

Dr. Wang was born in a family of Gynecological Medicine. Her mother is a Gynecologist. Dr. Wang's fertility and infertility treatment is a combination of oriental medicine and modern medicine.

Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture has attracted considerable media attention in the last few years as celebrities around the world start using acupuncture as an alternative to invasive and painful cosmetic procedures. Just as pilates, yoga, and detox programs have gained popularity, more and more people are shifting to a natural and healthier way of well-being. We are realizing that a genuinely healthy appearance comes from the harmony of a healthy spirit, mind and body.

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