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Anita P.

I have been seeing Dr. Wang at Balance Healthcare for almost one year. I found her because she also works with the UCLA Eastern Medicine Clinic and I was a patient there. At that clinic, she was the best doctor and acupuncturist I saw. I continue to see her at Balance Healthcare. I had significant lower abdominal pain, poor blood circulation and was prescribed painkillers by my regular doctor. Dr. Wang’s treatments, ongoing self care tips, and deep knowledge of how the body works have been impressive. Thanks to her I have learned how to take care of myself so that I don’t have to take painkillers, and I am much healthier now. She is brilliant and has an incredible amount of knowledge. She spends time with her patients, listens to them, and helps you help yourself. Also, scheduling is easier than other doctors, as she responds right away via email and her rates are very reasonable. I have already recommended her to others.

Lou S.

Dr. Wang is incredibly knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. She is very pleasant to talk with and is candid and frank in her diagnosis. Dr. Wang cares about her patients’ welfare and will work unceasingly to find the right solution. I would recommend Dr. Wang highly and without hesitation. Lou S.

Kari F.

Dr. Wang is the best doctor I have ever met. She is very caring and knowledgeable. She is a life saver!  I had experienced an extreme lower back pain with sciatica for years. I saw lots of doctors but did not achieve good therapeutic results. Recently I could hardly move. Every time when I moved, I felt severe pain from my lower back along my legs all the way down to my toes. I went to see Dr. Wang, and she worked her magic.  She quickly diagnosed the problem and after a few sessions it is 100% back to normal.  This is a miracle. In addition, all I can say is, Dr. Wang runs a very honest business. She is passionate about her job and does not try to rip people off. Her price is reasonable and explains every step of the way so you can understand what she’s doing.  I highly recommend her.

Robert P.

Dr Wang has been an amazing resource in my recent health concerns. She has helped me through kidney stones & more recently with AFIB. I recommend Dr Wang services to anyone. She is very knowledgeable & caring. Thank you,Dr Wang! Robert Platania

Jack W.

I feel amazing every time I come here! I had been struggling with migraine and menopause syndrome of hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia and weigh gain for years. I tried everything before I came to Dr. Wang. She is extremely kind and knowledgeable. Her acupuncture and herbs are magic. I would give her 10 stars if I could.

Ikuko L.

Dr Wang is a very skillful acupuncturist.
She is a practitioner at UCLA Center for East-West Medicine where I met with her at first.
Since I started seeing her, I feel more comfortable with needles poking in my skin.
She is a great listener and her positive and supportive manners are a big plus for the healing process.
Her private practice office is very clean and quiet for relaxing.
She is a multicultural person and speaks Japanese as well.

Tim T.

Dr. Wang is a deeply empathic, highly trained, and extensively experienced in the healing arts, including acupuncture and medicinal herbs.  I have found her results to be extraordinary, and she is now my one and only acupuncturist.  

I was first referred to Dr. Wang by my UCLA Family Doctor at the UCLA Center for East West Medicine.  (  This was because of her unmatched medical training in China, Japan and the US, as well as her years working in medical research and as a healing practitioner.  

Because of Dr. Wang’s natural healing talents and her unique, transcultural and interdisciplinary experience, she is able to pinpoint my health needs and to provide focused, effective acupuncture treatments and herbal preparations.  

I recommend Dr. Wang for health care and healing.  

(PS:  She accepts insurance!)

Jennifer Z.

Been with Dr. Wang for about 8 month.  Came in for Acid reflux /GERD and wanted to stop taking the PPI.  amazingly she helped me to easy off the PPI with herbs and acupuncture.  Very thankful.

Gabrielle W.

I was referred to Dr. Wang by UCLA’s East/West center after being diagnosed with MS. I was struggling with a number of issues, including anxiety, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, and hormonal imbalances. She has provided a holistic approach to helping me, from acupuncture and cupping to herbs and lifestyle recommendations. This is all amounted to me feeling incredibly better. I deeply trust Dr. Wang’s endless knowledge, experience, and understanding of the body and so appreciate her willingness to listen, curiosity, and empathy along the way.

Steven Y.

Dr. Wang is very knowledgeable and professional. I was treating my neck and shoulder pain with her. She used both acupuncture and cupping which not only help the neck and shoulder but also overall body health. It was lucky to find such a great doctor!

Robert P.

I have been dealing with ongoing pain from kidney stones for 6 months. I began seeing Dr. Wang because I need more help than my regular medical doctors provided. After seeing Dr. Wang for several visits, the stones have broken up and I am starting to pass them. Dr. Wang has unique treatments, is very attentive, and gives me suggestions each time I see her on how I can help keep my body in balance so that I prevent this condition in the future. In addition, scheduling is very easy as she responds via email immediately and is flexible.

Steven Y.

Dr. Wang is very knowledgeable and professional. I was treating my neck and shoulder pain with her. She used both acupuncture and cupping which not only help the neck and shoulder but also overall body health. It was lucky to find such a great doctor!

Lora H.

I was diagnosed with primary ovary insufficiency. I started to see Dr. Wang starting last year. My period was irregular, and I had hot flashes, irritability, skin problems etc. My PCP referred me to Dr. Wang. I refused to take herbs the first time I visited her, but Dr. Wang was very knowledgeable and kind. She gave me detailed explanations and told me what I needed to do including dietary modifications etc. I then started taking herbs with acupuncture after the second treatment. After a couple months of treatment, my period has been back to normal. My period cycle is 31 days and lasts about 5 days. All blood tests are back to normal, and all my friends say I look much healthier and youthful! I am so happy and grateful.

Karen L.

I have been seeing Dr. Wang for well over one year as she has been treating my migraines, using acupuncture and cupping.  I have seen significant improvement and now I just go for maintenance.  Dr. Wang believes in spending quality time with each patient and does a great job explaining her techniques, practices, etc.  She is warm, attentive and very smart.  She is also accessible and responds very quickly.  I highly recommend Dr. Wang!

Jennifer O.

Dr. Wang is extremely compassionate and gives you her full attention. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Her acupuncture skills and respectful care are phenomenal. I have got significant improvement following the treatments of her acupunture and herbs. Her clinic is nice and clean as well. I first met her at UCLA center for east-west medicine. I am so happy she started her own practice this month. We can see her more often now. I highly recommend Dr. Wang.

Mary B.

Seeing dr. Wang on Saturday mornings is something I look forward too. Her office is serene her manner comforting and competent. In my 4 visits I am already seeing good results. 5 Stars!!!!!

Deborah R.

Dr. Wang is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable acupuncturist who goes out of her way to help patients achieve natural, balanced health. She has helped me with a number of chronic issues that Western medicine would either write off as “you’re getting older, that’s to be expected,” or prescribe powerful medicine that would undoubtedly result in negative side effects.

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